How Salesforce Bot Automation Helps Clients Succeed

Salesforce bot automation, while just a part of a bigger picture in the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) push, has already revolutionized customer relationship management (CRM) for many clients.

How Salesforce Bot Automation Transforms CRM
One of the biggest clients of, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which it began working with in 2015. Dealing with high volume of customer support requests and queries, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had to somehow automate the process without compromising value.

This led to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines enlisting Salesforce bot automation for help— primarily to quickly and efficiently address customer support requests and queries on social media platforms.

Motivated not to be left behind in the digital media transformation that is going on today, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines understands the need for real-time, compelling, customer-oriented customer interaction. Given the fact that it is already the age of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart-everything, the company has to move along with the current.

Salesforce has enabled KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to do just that. Now, the company has an active presence on social media platforms, interacting with its consumers around the world in 12 languages. Accordingly, 60% of these interactions from consumers happen on smartphones.

“For us, social media and particularly messaging is our digital entry point,” noted Martine van der Lee, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Manager of Social Technology.

AI Push
Success stories like that of KLM Royal Dutch further strengthen Salesforce’s drive to develop next-generation AI solutions, and improve existing platforms and services.

Salesforce Einstein, which is the newest AI offering of Salesforce, lives up to that mission of the company of providing smarter services. The CRM giant has played an important role in making AI not just a mere part of innovation but as the ultimate game changer in how business is conducted— and remains committed to do so.

That being said, the expertise of Salesforce is not only limited to Salesforce bot automation but extends to all AI capabilities and tools as well.

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