Today Dec 8 ProShares Inflation Expectations (RINF) Reduces 0.25%

Today, on Dec 8, ProShares Inflation Expectations (NYSEARCA:RINF) looks negative with 0.25% gain so far, reaching $28.2 per share. With net assets of 14.34M and 0.35% volatility for this month.

During the day 258 shares traded hands, in comparisong to to ProShares Inflation Expectations’s (NYSEARCA:RINF) average volume of 4,420 for the last 30 days.

Currently the ETF’s ATR is 0.16, that’s -1.06% and 9.40% of its 52-Week High and Low. This year’s performance is 5.17% while the performance of this quarter’s 1.37%.

The ETF have 4.86% YTD perf, 6.41% for 1 year and 1.46% for 3 years.

The fund’s top holdings are: Citi 30-Year Tips (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index Tsy Swap Citibank Na (Invers for 102.21% of assets, United States Treasury Bonds for 83.97%, Citi 30-Year Tips (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index Tsy Swap Societe Generale (I for 45.95%, Citi 30-Year Tips (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index Tip Swap Societe Generale for 10.13%, Citi 30-Year Tips (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index Tip Swap Citibank Na for 5.82%. The current ProShares Inflation Expectations’s yield is 2.78%. With Basic Materials 0.00%, CONSUMER_CYCLICAL 0.00%, Financial Services 0.00%, Realestate 0.00%, Consumer Defensive 0.00%, Healthcare 0.00%, Utilities 0.00%, Communication Services 0.00%, Energy 0.00%, Industrials 0.00%, Technology 0.00% sector weights.

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