David Maddocks

The main goal of David Maddocks is to teach the next generation to make investments. He likes to help his students to learn everything they need about equities and the work of the financial market. His current focus is cryptocurrencies, as David sees the future in them. He wants to explore this field better. That is why he slowed down his researching work about

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Doyle Ward

Doyle Ward is only 30 years old. He is a young successful investor. As he loves to say, his main interest lays in the best Austrian economic traditions. He follows the news on sentiment and cycles to make a good deal.

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James Brown

James specializes in investments, portfolio strategy, and REITs. His full-time work is on the market. He is a successful investor who works with bonds, stocks, real estates, etc. In the past he was a financial analyst in the newspaper, writing for numerous magazines.

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Larry Osborne

As a child, science was his passion. In college, he studied microbiology and forensics and now shares that knowledge with us thorough coverage of the latest science and technology stories.

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Richard Carter

Richard Carter admits only long investments, long-term horizon, and Deep Value. He is a famous financial and economic writer. During 40 years he was a successful investor, journalist, and editor. He is experienced in banking, and international credit, and investment systems.

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